Helping Partners Provide Secure Medication Delivery For Their Customers

We help our Partners provide safe and secure delivery to Patients, allowing them to get their medications on their terms.

How It Works

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1. Order

The Patient places a prescription delivery order through the provider’s platform.

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2. Fill

The Pharmacy prepares the prescription to be sent out to the Patient.

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3. Delivery

The prescriptions are picked up for delivery by a HIPAA certified 1099 courier.

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4. Relax

The prescriptions are delivered successfully to the patient’s door.

The Medzoomer Process

Why Our Partners Love Working With Medzoomer

Secure Delivery

Medication is safely transported in tamper-evident and insulated FDA/TSA approved envelopes.

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Patient Privacy

Discreet packaging and labelling ensures no drug information is shown to HIPAA certified 1099 courier.

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Theft Prevention

Providing consumers peace of mind.

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